Christmas Tour 2010

So excited to have you join us for Nester’s Christmas Home Tour this year!  A few years ago we started putting our tree up in early November with only lights on it and then would decorate the tree in early December.  Then with the change in our business, Nov/Dec became a hectic time for us…last year I think it was the week before Christmas before our tree got up – no fun at all!  Last year we were simply trying to survive getting ready for Holiday Fair and then get custom orders made afterward in time for Christmas.  This year was still a lot of work, but we had a better plan, and that has made ALL the difference! We’ve taken a gradual approach to decorating this year, and haven’t been crazy about it.  I don’t do a lot of in-depth decorating…but I love some Christmas lights!  The big tree went up last weekend, and would have been decorated so much more quickly if there hadn’t been a light mutiny to deal with.  Seriously…only 2 strands of lights working on a 9 foot tree is NOT okay by me.   In past years we’ve tested like crazy, painstakingly removed bulbs and still had light issues.  Last year and especially this year, I decided it just isn’t worth it…I have extra strands of lights that I pretty much throw into the tree as we put it up and have stopped worrying about the dead bulbs…IDHTBPTBB…for realz!  I decorated up high while the kiddos helped down low {if you can call Cameo taking ornaments off the tree helping…}

TR Parade & Eden Farms 301

Several years ago I started collecting a village from Wal-Mart…and then after we moved into this house, there just wasn’t a great spot for it, and it wasn’t a super nice village, and in a moment of “we should get rid of some stuff & declutter” I gave it to Goodwill {though I did keep my clock tower & PartyLite stained glass church, which I love}.  Enter a certain village-loving-four-year-old little boy…my MIL puts out a village every year and Walker adores it…last year he talked constantly about her village and this year was a repeat…except he also started asking when we were going to get a village…where was our village…I decided it was time…and then Wal-Mart laid down on me and didn’t have a village this year.  Lowes came to my rescue, though their $25-$50 priced houses weren’t quite as exciting as the $15 ones from WM…so we started with 3 of their most inexpensive ones {how fun is the tractor repair shop!} and he’s been delighted.  I also had the foresight to hold on to my village trees & moon, so that was nice too!  We put it down low on our bench in our den so that he and Cameo could truly enjoy it…they stand in front and look and mostly don’t touch LOL  I love that they can enjoy it and it’s something we can add to over the years as a family!

TR Parade & Eden Farms 296

Peeking out from behind the back of the village, you can see through to this tree on our deck turned screened-in-porch…it’s way too cold to spend much time out there right now, but the warm glow of lights show through to our kitchen and den area at night and add another level of lights and ambience.  I was a little sad to move this tree from our side porch to the back this year, but we see it so much more and get to really enjoy it now…it’s a perfect fit!

TR Parade & Eden Farms 298

Last year I fell in love with this little tree with brightly colored balls on it {from Lowes}.  I’m normally not a big fan of colored lights, but this one had me at first sight.  Unfortunately all of the bright red berries on it melted over the summer, so I had to cut them all off when we got it out this year {I looked like a Christmas tree murderer} but the brightly colored lights still make me super happy.  Then we added a burlap wrapped garland from our Holiday Fair display over our walkway, and it’s made it look so festive.

TR Parade & Eden Farms 294

We still have a few more decorating projects to go…like getting out our reindeer & moose around our water garden, clearing off the top of our buffet and making it look Christmas-y, maybe putting one more tree in our bedroom…which may or may not happen.  I’m trying to concentrate much more this year on the real meaning of Christmas…keeping Christ first and foremost…and building memories with our children that will last for years.  So far they’ve been to at least 3 Christmas parades, visited a farm to ride the “reindeer”TR Parade & Eden Farms 002TR Parade & Eden Farms 204TR Parade & Eden Farms 190

{horses} and sit on Santa’s lap {most fabulous Santa ever…so much better than the mall!!}, packed Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes with grandparents, tried to thoroughly investigate presents bought for Angel tree, have a trip planned to see the animals & lights at a local animal park and had lots of good snuggle time with us.  Even though there’s still been much back40 work going on…we’ve still had time to enjoy and be with our family, and that has been priceless!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit – we’d love to see you here on the back40 again!  If you’d like to stretch a few of your holiday dollars a little farther this year, we’re participating in the Project 320 Giveaway Week and will be giving away a 16x20” wrapped photo canvas this week in order to help raise $$ for a well in Africa through Charity Water – you can find that giveaway here...give the gift of lives...and maybe you’ll get a little something for yourself as well!

Canvas 008

Merry Christmas!

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