Holiday Fair Wrap-Up

Last week was our second year to participate in our local Holiday Fair – last year we had absolutely no idea what we were doing…this year we felt a tad more prepared.  Brad built our shutter desk – LOVE IT! 002

It’s always so much fun to get to meet customers and talk with them one-on-one…we love it!  Last year we pretty much only sold signs - this year we upgraded to a double booth this year so that we could try and show off some of our decals, which we were then able to cut and send home with folks…and it worked...definitely a huge step forward for us this year & so very exciting that we were able to communicate our decals...woo hoo!


Thanks so much to everyone we got to meet – we took *lots* of sign orders for Christmas, which we’ve been hard at work on this week – very exciting!


We’ve been working hard to get proofs prepared &  signs going...  Here’s a few more shots inside our space:



Growth charts should be rolling out to our Etsy shop in the next week or so…



Thanks so much for all your support...we praise God that we get to support our family doing something we love!

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