Send some love to Latvia’s orphans

We have a customer, Brooke, who ordered a bible verse decal from us for her home.  In working with her, we’ve learned a few interesting tidbits about their life.  Her family has a burdened heart for orphans in Latvia in the former Soviet Union.  Although they’re not full time they have chosen to devote their time and resources to helping children in need they may never meet. 

One of the things Jodi and I have been talking and praying about lately is what is God’s purpose for us and our business.  We feel that one thing we can do with our business is to be an encouragement to others in their walk with Christ.  Being able to have scripture on a wall can be a great reminder and encourager – so we’ve tried to offer more and more scripture decals and products.  You won’t believe the stories we hear from folks that order a “For this child I prayed” decal – so many people have had such a difficult time having children and this “cute” decal or sign was a “neat” product to us, but for someone who had a difficult time conceiving or was blessed with a special needs child it had a special meaning that we can’t even begin to comprehend. 

That said, go check out Brooke’s blog post about what they’re doing for Latvian orphans.  They’re doing a giveaway to fund their endeavor – maybe you’d like to participate?  There’s even an iPod touch….