10 on 3-10-2011

Ten on Ten: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

I have been intending to do this for months now thanks to Julie…and have taken pics…that still sit in a sad folder on the computer…not again…who cares that it’s the 16th before I get them posted?071

the morning started with a glorious smoothie courtesy of my new best friend…seriously…I have wanted one of these for years now…had opportunity several years back to buy one from an acquaintance for $100 but they didn’t know what they had, so we steered them towards ebay where they sold it for a pile more…sad for me…happy for them…finally got the hook-up a few weeks back…woo hoo!


then it was time to move on to shipping…love seeing packages fly out of here…love free carrier pickup!


then it was on to errand day…and we were caught up enough that I got to go too…a definite treat!  the car amusement of choice right now is the duck “brella”


we had a long list, so we were in the car for ages…and several stops only Brad got out so the kiddos and I turned up VeggieTales and sang along – Cameo loves “I’m a little sheep”


then my current fave for lunch – they have yummy sushi {read shrimp tempura} on their bar, and it’s almost all I eat – love it!  and BOGO 1/2 off doesn’t hurt either…


Cameo got pigtails along the way


they didn’t last long

finally home for a *late* naptime…suddenly the crib is en vogue again…as long as she has ALL of her babies, blankets and the dinosaur book


jammies are a rest-time requirement for W even though sleep rarely happens…many of his naps end up with him hanging out with me downstairs…


Cameo was happy to find grapes when she woke up…the girl could eat her weight in grapes!


they kept her busy while I started dinner – yumm!  parm crusted chicken – a recipe well worth trying – it’s one of our new faves!