21 Day Challenge

I have a confession…I don’t read my Bible nearly often enough.  I don’t take make the time to do so on a daily basis.  If you rewound back to my college days, {I’m sure my somewhat self-righteous self} would have said this could never have happened to me…no way…my Quiet Time was too ingrained…too important.  Enter almost 10 years of marriage, two businesses & two kids later…here I am…not where I need to be.  And I know it’s no good…and I know it’s time for a change.  And today is the day.

Yesterday at NewSpring, Perry challenged all of us to commit to reading for 10-15 minutes a day for the next 21 days…just the challenge I needed to get my hiney in gear.  So I’ve decided…I’m doing it…and will share a few thoughts here each day for added accountability.  I’ll be reading 1 chapter in John & Mark each day, following Mark with James when it ends.  Feel free to play along with these chapters or choose your own.  If you need a little accountability to get back on track yourself…feel free to leave a comment…I’d love to check in with you!

And now to Day 1’s reading, Mark 1 & John 1:

  • Simon, Andrew, James, John…they didn’t ask questions, they just followed Jesus {Mark 1} – why must I always question?
  • Jesus spoke of Nathanael sitting under the fig tree {John 1} – how easily I forget that God knows my every move…how often do I live as if He isn’t involved in my every moment?

What has God been teaching you lately?

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