Buy a decal–feed a missionary.

Love God.  Love others.  Pretty much sums it up.  Jesus called this the “greatest commandment.”   Hard isn’t it?  How do you do that?  That’s something we’ve been wrestling with for a little while now.  So here’s a start.  We decided that we can use the resources we have to help groups and individuals busy loving God by showing love to others.  We did this a little last year when we sold this sign and donated the a portion of the proceeds to Compassion International for the Haiti earthquake relief fund.


Now we’re going big time.  Specifically we’re going to start with this decal.

I-6 Love God bumper

The decal measures about 3”x7” and is perfect for the back of a car.  It’s a great reminder to heed the greatest commandment.  The decal can be purchased for only $5 – of that at least $3 will be donated to the group/individual of choice (remainder to cover expenses).  Any group/individual that we partner with will be given a donation code.  When you purchase this decal, leave the donation code in the notes to seller section and we’ll donate $3 to the organization.  Any decals purchased without a donation code will have $3 donated to Michael and Whitney Johnson, missionaries to Quito, Ecuador.  Get your decal here.

Put our resources to work for you.

We want to help groups and individuals who are busy loving God and showing his love to others.  We have been called by a loving God to use the resources he’s given us to the best of our ability and partnering with great organizations is a way we can do that.  We DO NOT CHARGE for our work in helping out, but we are careful about the organizations we support.  Here’s some examples of groups we interested in hearing from:

  • families raising funds for an adoption
  • Christian missionaries
  • church planters
  • crisis pregnancy centers
  • mission trips, etc.

Please contact us at and tell us about your work and how we can help.


On behalf of the sponsored group – a big THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased this decal.