Day 4

Mark 4, John 4:

  • from Mark 4 Jesus said “These are people – Whose eyes are open but don’t see a thing, Whose ears are open but don’t understand a word” – Lord, let me see with your eyes and not my own…I don’t want to wander through life not seeing
  • at the end of Mark 4, Jesus sleeps while a storm rages, the disciples are afraid – Jesus is always with us and always in control of the storms…I have no need to fear, just need to learn to trust
  • in John 4, the Samaritan woman {at the well} asks if this could be the Messiah – the Pharisees were trained to be looking for the Messiah and they missed Him, but a simple woman knew…Lord let me be on the lookout for you in all things…I don’t want to miss you in the little {or big} things
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