Down with the Blue

When we built our house we decided that we would have colorful walls…our first house was pretty much all builder beige {blech} and then we moved into a little rental with rough, wood colored walls {again, blech}…finally we could have some color.  We had no idea what we were doing, so we looked at lots of inspiration pictures and guessed.  And except for one yellow…everything turned out marvelously…and we loved it… IMG_7441


We never really thought about how much blue we were painting until we finished and then realized that exactly HALF of our 2400 square foot house was blue…yeah…not the smartest thing.  Though we truly loved it and enjoyed all the blue for several years...about a year or so ago, we started to get tired of ALL.THAT.BLUE…imagine?!

A couple months back, I started dreaming of a master bedroom re-do.  A few weeks after I drooled over it, my mom bought a beautiful duvet cover at IKEA for her room…and then I really couldn’t get it out of my mind.  On our next IKEA trip, we decided to pick one up along with a bright red quilt for our room…and thus began the process.  I thought a bit about using gray in our bedroom, but just didn’t know how well that would do.  Then one night we were at Lowes and found a gray/brown color in a “color idea” book…which was really cool, except then they didn’t tell you a real color that would work for it…so we were on our own.  We found one that we thought would work at Lowe’s and bought a sample.  I loved it on the wall, but then got concerned about how dark it would be once we painted…the last thing I wanted was a dark bedroom.


original blue in background…sample paint on the right {dark!}…with actual paint on top of sample and to the left

After looking at it for a few weeks…it just seemed too dark…so one night at Wal-Mart we get a whim to look at their paint…and find Kilz paint on clearance!  Woo hoo…I love a sale!  I happened to have the original chip in my purse, so we compared it and found a chip several shades lighter that we thought would work…so we bought it…and by the end of the weekend the painting had commenced!

As we were working in the room…I kept thinking about how we had it arranged…and how it just didn’t seem to be working.  We have 4 large windows and they just take up  It’s a bit room, yet it always feels cramped!  I’ve always wanted to see how our bed would look on a diagonal in the corner, but have never taken the time/effort to move it…I knew that had to be crazy…pushing a bed into a corner wastes a lot of space, right?  But it was never going to get easier, so when it was time to start moving the furniture back in place we tried it…and kind of liked it…and then decided to try the opposite corner…and it was immediate love!


We had also picked up curtain rods at IKEA, and though we didn’t have any fabric that would work, decided to put them up anyway.  As Brad was working on length…I started thinking about some fabric I had sitting in our linen closet {also from IKEA} that didn’t work for the project I originally purchased it for…it was gray

I ran and grabbed it and clipped it up on the one rod that was up…and L.O.V.E.D. it!  Amazing!  Now if I could find my MIA glue gun to finish mistreating…


  • painting brown/gray walls
  • moving our bed into the corner
  • cutting fabric to make mistreatments that we now adore {why is it so hard to cut fabric??}

Every bit of it…totally worth the risk!!

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