10 on Ten…except Eleven {4.11.11}

Ten on Ten: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. except this month it’s the 11th…because I forgot to take my camera with us to church on the 10th…and the kiddos were with grandparents most of the day anyway…now on to business!


The day started off taking care of these gals…so ready for them to be out of their cardboard box and into the coop!  Hopefully in a day or two!


After being sick last week…most everything ground to a halt (Bible blog posts yes, Bible reading no – woo hoo!!) …boy has the laundry piled up!  nothing says happy Monday like mounds of laundry!


After breakfast the kiddos went out to the playground while I got pizza dough in the bread machine.  Walker has learned how to climb into the “baby swing” and hook himself in, but refuses to learn to swing himself.  AHAHA!  He was not happy with my slowness getting outside.


After spending some time at the playground, it was up to the driveway to check on Papa…and Cameo decided to hop on W’s tractor.


Does the boy look worn out or what?  you would think he needed a nap…his feet & hands needed an impromptu sink bath


delish homemade pizza for lunch


then naps for the kiddos and proof & convo time for me…


somebody’s nap didn’t stick…W dismantled Brad’s wallet…and we found out the next morning, also stuck his keys in my secretary…thankfully before the locksmith showed up to unlock the truck!


so he got kicked outside to spend the rest of the afternoon with Brad – the afternoon blurred into me making cheeseburger flatbread melts for dinner – yummo!


after night-time stories and bedtime, somebody ended up back out of bed because he was starving and then needed “a lot of lovin'”

all in all, a fab day!