Day 13

Mark 13, John 13

  • Jesus answered, "You don't understand now what I'm doing, but it will be clear enough to you later."  Peter persisted, "You're not going to wash my feet-ever!" Jesus said, "If I don't wash you, you can't be part of what I'm doing."  "Master!" said Peter. "Not only my feet, then. Wash my hands! Wash my head!"  Jesus said, "If you've had a bath in the morning, you only need your feet washed now and you're clean from head to toe. My concern, you understand, is holiness, not hygiene. So now you're clean. But not every one of you.  John 13:7-10 – Peter just didn’t get it…and I’m so thankful Jesus was patient with him and loved him anyway…because I know there are plenty of times I don’t get it either.  Holiness…Jesus is concerned with MY holiness…why am I not more concerned with my holiness?  Lord, grow me…help me strive for holiness.