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Handprint Frames 016We had hoped to get this posted last week or earlier this week, but then we had a *ton* of orders {thank you!}, a sick little fella, my debit card # got stolen {even though my card remains in my possession…}, finishing up taxes…you know, lots of boring stuff! LOL  Now on to the tutorial! You’ll need:

  • a frame with glass – either store bought or thrifted is fine – we’re using an 8x10”
  • craft paint – bright, fun colors seem to do best
  • paper towels, baby wipes, q-tips, paper plate, newspaper or kraft paper to cover your workspace, paint smocks
  • Frosted Glass spray paint (optional) or spray-on acrylic sealer
  • adhesive (hot glue, silicone, regular glue – whatever you have on hand)
  • decal
  • at least one cutie pie to hand print and possibly more than 1 adult to help out

First open up your frame and remove all of the backing and the glass.  Clean the glass and let it dry while you get your paint supplies ready.  Cover your work space {and your children!} to keep down the potential mess.


If you’re printing more than one child, decide which hand print you want where on your frame {keeping in mind that you’re printing on the BACK of the glass – you’ll see the reverse when you flip it over} – then start with the hand you want closest to the top of the glass so you aren’t reaching over a print on the bottom later.  Squirt a little paint on a paper towel then spread it on the first hand you’re going to print.  Dab some off – you want there to be good coverage, but if you  have too much paint it will glop up all the details of that cute little hand!  Then if you’d like you can do a test print on paper…a test can help you know if you have too much paint, too little, or just about right.


Depending on what age your willing participants are, you may need more than one person to help out.  We’ve found that with especially young children it’s helpful for one adult to hold the child in the air suspended over the glass and for the second adult to manage their painted hand and placing it on the glass.


You want the child to spread their fingers and then firmly press them onto the glass…trying not to move/smudge their fingers once they touch they glass.  Firmly press their hand to the glass for a few seconds and then lift it straight up and off.  If you get a good print – hurray!  If you don’t…have no fear, you can wipe it off of the glass and try again.


If there are smudges or a few empty spots, you can easily touch those up with a Q-tip.  Keep in mind that the print doesn’t need to be perfect – part of the beauty of the print process is that you capture imperfection…and who of us is perfect?


Repeat for as many prints as you would like to add…feel free to change up the color if you’d like…how cute would that be?


We let the kiddos have a little fun of their own while the paint was drying…if you don’t have time, a hair dryer can help speed the drying process!


Once any touch-ups are complete & the paint is dry you can spray the glass with frosted glass spray paint {or acrylic sealer} to help seal & protect the hand prints.

HP Frames

Carefully flip your glass over and get ready to apply your decal.  You’re welcome to pick up one of ours…if you have a silhouette or cricut you can cut your own, or if you have amazing patience and a good eye, you could even pick up a pack of sticker letters at the craft store and create your own decal.  First rub the back of your decal with a squeegee, spatula, credit card, etc. – apply good, even pressure.  Then peel away the backing – if any letters stick, rub the backing again.  Place your decal as desired and then burnish it to your glass.  Then slowly peel off the top, masking layer to reveal your decal in place.  You can find more detailed installation instructions and a video here.

At this point, you can decide if you’d like to put a picture behind your glass or leave the back of the frame open…we’ve done both, and both are great.  If you’d like the back of the frame to be open, allowing the wall color behind the handprints to show through, you’ll need to secure your glass in the frame.

Handprint Frames 001

After you lay the glass in the frame, put a small amount of hot glue, silicone or your adhesive of choice in each corner to secure the glass and allow it to dry.  Stay as close to the edge as possible so that the adhesive doesn’t show through the front of the frame.

Handprint Frames 024

And there you have it…a gift for mom, grandma, {yourself}…anyone special in your life!

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