Easter 2011 Faves

Easter 025

Cameo with cousin Bailey

Easter 003

the girls – thanks Mimi for the beautiful “princess” dresses

Easter 007

Cannot believe this sweet boy ate cake with coconut on it!  score another food!

Easter 018

pure sweetness, lexa-pie

Easter 026

of course it was the sun in their eyes that kept us from getting 4 smiling faces…right?

Easter 064


Easter 044

All business!

Easter 072

this girl gathered eggs with such intensity!  W was never interested at her age!

Easter 105

ooh…David and Luke played with Walker like never before…the “horsey” was delighted

Easter 111

and they were mostly a blur…a laughing, giggling blur

Easter 130

Walker getting Grandpa to stick his finger in the birdhouse…an oldie but goodie! {the birdhouse, not Gpa!}

Easter 131

what a face!

Easter 038

love these sweet moments…even if he is half trying to get her!