puppy dog dreams

We haven’t had a dog for a few years now…our beloved beagle of 10+ years died of old age a few years back and then the dog we got to replace her was stolen/disappeared about six months after we got him.  We toy with the idea of getting a dog from time to time…but just haven’t gone for it yet.  We go back and forth…outside dog?…inside dog?…both?…neither?  Now that the kiddos are both a little older…I know they would have a ball with a dog.  Decisions, decisions…!  Then last week we had some unsavory goings-on out here in our neck of the woods…and it made us both start thinking about dogs again…particularly an inside dog who could let us know if any visitors were approaching.

If we go the indoor route…I’m highly in favor of a low-shedding…hypo-allergenic type dog…this little maltese is so stinkin’ cute!

or how bout this little fella?  what a cute yorkie!

but my head-over-heels fave right now has to be the “morkie” – a maltese-yorkie mix…what a cutie pie!

Now if we can just find one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

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