The Coop–Take 1

As the chickies have been eating and growing like crazy, we knew it was time to get a move on building them a coop.  As we started discussing the options, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe we could use my old playhouse?  conveniently buried in the woods behind my parents’ old house.  Brad thought it just might work and said several of the things he read had actually recommended old playhouses.  So last Sat we coordinated with my Dad to help us pull the old girl out of the woods {where it’s been parked since my Daddy cleverly painted “Diane’s pool house – welcome friends” on the side several years ago to tease my mom}…reuse/recycle at it’s finest, right? 006

It quickly became apparent that this project would be easier said than done…the house kept wanting to slide off of the skid of 6x6’s that it was sitting on top of.  The bobcat proved to be no match for the house!


Even though I knew the Bobcat couldn’t go anywhere…seeing a machine on less than 4 wheels makes my heart lurch every time!


Then we got my dad’s 4x4 truck in on the action, along with the Bobcat pushing from behind…

In the end, we got it to the edge of the driveway to realize that we had almost torn the house to pieces and that getting it up on the trailer was probably a non-happener (not to mention we hadn’t completely taken the width of the house vs. the width of the trailer into account…) so we decided to punt…

and so the chicken coop saga continues!

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