Yo Yo–I want to be Mandi’s new bloggyBFF!

Have you met Mandi?  Have you seen her fabulousness?  And her newest gig

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how fabulous would that be?  And boy do I have a room begging for help!  As I’ve confessed before…when we built our house, we used a LOT of blue paint…and it’s time to bid the blue adieu!

den 001

This is the one semi-decent wall in the room…and then we have…

den 002


den 004


den 008


den 006

For realz…Mandi we need you!  I don’t like “matchy” furniture….and yet that’s what we bought?!? when we bought furniture for this room…{let’s blame it on the pregnancy brain}.  Oh the fun we could have together…and SC is beautiful in June!  Our family spends a lot of time in this room, and we want to love it…we need some Vintage Revival love!