4 year olds & soccer

Bailey's Bday 184

We signed Walker up for 4 & 5 year old soccer at the Y this spring…

Bailey's Bday 186

We knew it would be good for him to experience a “team” and to take direction from someone other than us

Bailey's Bday 210

He looks so into it here

Bailey's Bday 190

reality is more like the above

Bailey's Bday 217

or this one…his coach is so wonderfully patient and kind and did I mention patient?

thanks Coach!  we appreciate you more than you know!

Bailey's Bday 224

soccer star?  probably not…but the looks of glee and joy…

Bailey's Bday 272

they do make a mama’s heart overflow

Bailey's Bday 285

and this little girlie watching her brother…priceless

Bailey's Bday 158-1

love you Walker buddy – you’re our soccer star!