Friday Snippets


love – pure love – I’ve been cutting these babies almost daily and spreading them throughout the house.  if you haven’t done so already, I beg of you…go buy yourself a reblooming hydrangea!  Water it well – you will not be disappointed!


We’ve been super busy as of late, both with vinyl & sign orders and a few other projects we have up our sleeves in the shop…can’t wait to share more!



I’ve turned almost all of my current hydrangeas blue, but have had a few pink flowers come up this year…love, love, love

the kids & I are heading to my parents’ tomorrow to swim and I plan to pick lots of her pink blooms and bring them home to mix with my blues


The kids had tons of fun playing outside yesterday while we were working in the garage…they both ended up spraying themselves with water, so we let them strip down to their skivvies…so cute & so much fun!


I’m totally loving that they’re really enjoying playing together most of the time…so sweet!