Memorize Me Monday

B-41 acts 20 24

Yesterday in church, we were challenged to memorize Acts 20:24 this week…we’ve been talking a lot lately about the fact that

about jesus

and I forget that and struggle with it far too often!  Someone steps on my plans, my agenda, my toes…oh wait…it’s not about me

I challenge you to jump in and memorize this verse with us…let it’s truth resonate in your life and affect you to think about eternity…and not stay wrapped up in the things of this world that distract our attention far too often {or is that just me?}

We’re so grateful for all that God has done for us…allowing us to do this business, something that we truly love and enjoy…such a blessing!  We want to use the platform He’s given us to bring Him glory and to further His Kingdom…and in light of that, we’ve decided to introduce MEMORIZE ME MONDAY.  At least several Mondays a month {maybe all!?!} we’ll offer a verse at a significantly discounted price…with free shipping too!  We hope you’ll take advantage of these opportunities to put Scripture front and center in your home and to meditate on the Word of God…to let it dwell in you…to allow it to change your perspective to a Kingdom perspective…and to reap the blessing of having God’s Word hidden in your heart.

This week we’re offering Acts 20:24 in 2 sizes…23x30” for $13 {normally $30} and 23x39” for $17 {normally $39} and free shipping too!  If you order before lunchtime Wednesday, your decal will be cut Weds and will ship Thursday.  Orders received after noon Wednesday would ship the following Thursday {possibly before depending on our schedule}.  We would also love for you to blog, tweet, facebook about your decal and the challenge after you receive it…help us encourage others to memorize Scripture too!

How about it…will you join us?  What verse would you like to see in a Memorize Me Monday challenge?

B-41 acts 20 24 LONG

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