August has been a big month for our family & business…

Etsy 2005 8-21-11

we hit 2000 Etsy sales back on August 21st – woo hoo!  Definitely a number to celebrate!!  When we started our little business, it was truly to give me a creative outlet and to earn a little extra money for our family…never dreaming that God would turn it into our main business venture and allow us to close down our {super-stressful} construction business and live a much healthier, happier lifestyle!  He is so so good!!

We’ve had our second full month of our expanded retail space at Palmetto Home & Garden, a local specialty store.  We started selling our signs there in 2009 after our first Christmas fair, and have pretty much always made enough to cover the rent plus a little extra, but that was about it.  A few months back, we decided to step out on faith and lease a bigger space and start selling refinished furniture, vintage items, beautiful recycled glass and more.  We’ve been extremely thrilled with how well it’s gone and look forward to continuing to grow our presence there.

And most importantly, back on August 18th, Brad and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary – wow…where did 10 years go?  We’ve had so much fun together…


we’ve learned a lot…grown a lot…sacrificed a lot…dreamed together…worked together…celebrated together…not the perfect marriage by any stretch of the imagination, but a marriage that strives to honor God and each other…one that I look forward to being a part of for 10 years * many, many more!

One of our biggest strengths has been putting our focus on God first and trying to follow Him first and foremost…and then after that, we work hard on *togetherness*.  We strive to stay on the same page in all that we do…at times that comes easily and at times, we struggle…and have to “work through" an issue…but at the end of the day, fighting for togetherness has made all the difference for us.

Brad – thank you for being such an incredible provider for our family…for your never-ending work ethic and determination…for being the leader of our family and such a wonderful father and role model for our children.  I thank God that He, in His perfect plan and provision, allowed you to be the one for me.  You love me in ways that still amaze me…your patience and kindness and tenderness for me and our children is such a blessing to me & our family.  I love being your partner in all things.  Thank you for loving me, for being my one and only…I love you and wait in eager anticipation to see where God takes us next!

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