What a Whirlwind!

Man alive, has life seemed to be flying by lately…it’s so good, on so many levels, and God has blessed us so tremendously.  We’re working hard to balance our business with our personal lives…to be intentional about slowing down and savoring time with our kiddos & enjoying each other as a family…while at the same time, keeping up with the record pace at which our business has been growing.  Exciting, challenging, blur, hectic, crazy, fun, unbelievable…yep…they all fit! 004

We’ve been making a few transitions around the house…Walker has been infatuated with bunk beds for awhile now, and Cameron had started sleeping in her “big bed” instead of the crib….they always want to have sleep overs with each other, and for the past month or so, we’ve let them both sleep in her room on Fri nights…surprisingly enough, with great success.  A few weeks ago, I got the idea to put both kids in the same room with bunks and to use the other bedroom as a playroom.  After no time at all, Brad decided it was a great idea and went gung-ho on the plan.  We were able to find a great deal on the beds & mattress on Craig’s List {love it!} and so the transition began.  We haven't done much so far besides getting the bunkbeds in the room and both kiddos sleeping there together...but oh the plans we have...can't wait to see it begin to take shape!


Walker turns 5 next month {how did that happen!?!} but won’t start kindergarten this year as he misses the cutoff by less than a month…our county only offers K4 very selectively, so that wasn’t really an option either.  So we’ve decided to give homeschool a bit of a try this year.  For several years now we’ve debated back and forth between homeschool & public school…we both grew up in public school and for the most part had very positive experiences and a great outcome…but things have definitely also changed in the 15+ years since we were there.  This next year will give us the ability to do a trial run and decide what the best plan for our family is next year when it is kindergarten time.  We’ve always had a room off our kitchen/eating area that has floundered…we’ve never quite given it a purpose until now.  It is slowly transitioning to our “school room” – I’m so excited that it finally has a purpose and that we have a dedicated space to use.  We’re going to start easing in tomorrow…oh my!


I’m excited about being more intentional about building into these little guys – I’ve felt God impress to me very strongly as of late that our number one job as parents is to teach them to love Jesus…not to play the right sports or go to the right college or pick the right career or spouse…it’s falling head-over-heels in love with Jesus and making every decision as a consequence thereof…something tells me if we can pull that off, everything else will fall right into place.

We’ve also recently done a good bit of work to finish converting our garage into a conditioned workshop for Brad {yea!}, expanded our local retail space {which has been very exciting & been keeping us super busy}, ramped up refinishing furniture, started making cornhole sets and we’re on the lookout for interesting vintage items…so much fun!  We have lots of new goodies on the horizon and are hoping to do a better job of keeping the blog up-to-date!  We’re so overwhelmed by the goodness of God and how He continually provides for and takes care of our family.  Several years we joked about how great it would be to make a living from a “craft-based” business…and here we are, working from home and doing just that.  God is so good and we definitely give Him all the glory!  A quick teaser of some of what’s to come…