31 Days of Intentional Living :: Day 2 Prioritize

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One of the most important first steps to intentional living is to know what matters to you…and by “you” I mean your family unit…none of us is an island!  In order to make decisions that line up with what’s important to you…you must be able to enunciate what’s important to you.  While family mission statements can be really neat…if you have any perfectionist tendencies at all {raises hand sheepishly} they can also become a big stumbling block…don’t over complicate here.  If your kids are too young to participate…grab a quiet moment with your spouse when you can and talk through the core values for your family…if your kids are old enough, involve them too.  You don’t have to nail it all down in one sitting…in fact, it’s something you’ll probably come back to more than once and tweak several times.  Think about your family in 50 years…where do you want to end up…what do you want your kids to remember…what will success look like…what really matters in life?

It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect…just identify what matters to you…then we can talk more about making it count!