Day 13 :: Choices


No, no…we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth over on the back40…we’ve just taken this past week to rest and recuperate from the crazy that has been our lives for the past couple of months…which is the perfect segue into today’s topic…don’t be afraid to choose your family over blog world and the internet!!  It’s okay to sometimes take a step back and not keep up your online presence in order to take care of and love on your family {or protect your sanity!}  Not keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, blogs {even yours}, etc., etc. is absolutely okay – and sometimes essential!

We’ve had one deadline after another come down the pike in our business recently, culminating with my sister getting married last weekend {yea!} – we crashed hard Saturday night and all day Sunday and started to dig out a bit Monday and Tuesday…and it’s been heavenly to just take a bit of a break this week and slowly get our lives back to normal.  I’m planning to fill in the days I missed, but there’s just no rush to do so…and that’s okay.

Don’t ever fall for the lie that you have to do it all – you don’t and you can’t!  Be intentional and choose what is best for your family and fit the rest in when & if you can…I promise, life will go on!  I think too many of us believe that if we just do all the *right* things online we can be “famous” and known in blog world and beyond…but at the end of the day, that’s really not what it’s all about…and even so, Jesus is the one in charge of those decisions, so leave that up to Him. 

Take care of your family…love on the ones who *matter*…the rest will sort itself out…and your life will be much richer and fuller for it!