Day 3 :: Use Your Calendar

How many times have we all missed an appointment or event just because it slipped our minds?  My most recent was today…thankfully nothing too important!  But regardless, I hate that feeling.  I have always struggled to use a calendar…I can’t seem to keep up with it…I don’t write things down in it…it’s always something!


calendar clip

Enter Google Calendar – I’m still not perfect with using it, but I absolutely *love* that my husband and I can have separate calendars but also view {and add to} each others’ calendars.  You can easily change the view to include one or multiple calendars…and the reminders…how I love the reminders!  You can set email reminders and pop-up reminders…I usually set both…an email a couple of hours ahead of time and a pop-up just before I need to leave or get something started. 


My sweet husband also recently built a wall calendar for me…a “home central” of sorts.  As of right now, I have it hanging in our school room, and we can use it to learn more about the days of the week & months as well as keep up with some of the comings and goings of our entire family.  We’ve just started using it, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works for us too!

Bottom line – find a calendar that will work for you and use it!!  Especially great are calendars that can send you reminders and can record series of events…but remember, no matter how great or fancy the calendar is…it only works if you use it!