Welcome to 31 Days of Intentional Living

Intentional Living

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One of the big themes in our lives the last couple of years has been living with INTENTION – and strangely enough, we sort of stumbled into it…God has such a sense of humor!  For the most part, life was great, things were going well, money was good, but…well, there was always a “but”.  In our fast-paced world, it seemed like there was always something {or twelve} going on and we were always on the go.  We had a construction business that was running wide open {29 employees not counting us at the height of things}, we had two young children, my husband’s mind was constantly on the business {read MUCHO stress!!}, I juggled working from home {running our office & keeping the books}, taking care of the kids and the house…..something had to give.

Much in our lives has changed in the past two years…and we’re still working to be intentional in all that we do…but we’re so grateful for all that God has taught us thus far and can’t wait to see what He has in store around the corner!  Some of the ideas that we’ll share this month will be things that we’re actively living out and doing on a daily basis – others will be changes we know we need to make and are working towards…but our hope is that as October draws to a close, both our lives and yours will move at a bit slower pace, and that we’ll be able to breathe in and enjoy life and know that the decisions we make each day are truly ours and not dictated by the circumstances and people around us…that we can rest easy at night knowing we’re making decisions that line up with our core values & beliefs.

Hope to see you soon!