Roster Boards!

We’ve done a bit of work for a local high school in our area – Berea High School.  We count ourselves fortunate when a customer calls on us to do something “different” or out of the ordinary -  we love a challenge!  Its gets the creative juices flowing.  So when BHS called and asked us if we could build some roster boards for their sparsely decorated gym we were excited to help.

DSC_0602 (2)

Each project has unique challenges/constraints – that’s what makes them fun.  We enjoy building signs, cornholes, etc, but sometimes its nice to have something totally different.  I think it feeds the engineer side of me that likes a problem to work on.  BHS’s big problem is that you can’t use screws or drill holes in their gym walls due to a possible warranty issue.  In addition we needed to give them something that looked nice, was secure, and would be easy and cheap to change/rearrange from year to year.

So, we developed a board system where name boards can individually be changed without tools or any sort of complicated system.  Good ol’ fashion carriage bolts, nuts & washers – but you can’t see most of it.  In the future all they’ll have to do is remove the boards, remove the vinyl lettering for names that are no longer on the team, and replace with new lettering.  No new boards to buy each year – just some cheap lettering. 




All total we did 4 complete sets.  The Cheerleading board also doubles as Volleyball as all the boards are reversible.  It was nice to see it all complete and on the wall.  Fun stuff!  Thanks Berea for letting us help you on this – we appreciate the business and the challenge.