Thinking about Time

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There’s nothing like January 1st rolling around to get us into a mode of introspection…and then before we know it, a whirlwind twirls us around and we’ve moved on to February and little, if any real change has occurred.  I have never been super serious about new years resolutions, but totally gave up on them a few years back…deciding instead to focus on some yearly goals for myself and our family.  As 2012 came to a close, and things were hot and heavy with our business and the crazy that the Christmas season oh-so-quickly becomes…the word that continually came to my mind for 2013 was margin.

I have the “gift” of procrastination and used to do really well flying by the seat of my pants…now that I have 3 little cuties in my care, and oftentimes hanging on to me…well let’s just say my last-minute productivity has taken quite the dive.  My memory certainly isn’t what it used to be, and far too often, I find myself remembering things long overdue {and then wondering what things I haven’t remembered at all!?!}  I know that it is time for a change.


I have found that I function well when I have a to-do list, but never feel like I have time to do more than jot down the top 5 things in my brain at that moment…never mind the backlog of household chores that need my attention.  I was cruising around the web over Christmas break and stumbled was directed {thank you Lord!} to the Motivated Moms app – and knew almost immediately it was for me, and figured that either way, a $6 investment was worth the risk.  I downloaded their app to my tablet and started using it and had more productive days almost immediately.  They have “daily” scheduled tasks {clean sink, empty trash, laundry, vitamins, Quiet Time, etc.} that repeat every day and then other tasks that rotate through on an intermittent basis {wipe out a shelf in the fridge, water plants, change sheets, mop, etc.} and then I can add as many tasks as I want, assigning due dates & repeats as needed.  Oh yes – takes over thinking about what to do for me on a daily basis…and I love it!  I have had weeks where I used the app almost daily, and our household looked better, ran more smoothly and I felt great about my progress…and other days/weeks where I have scarcely picked up my tablet during the day and thus haven’t opened up my checklist…those days are nowhere near as productive.  So I’m definitely still a work in progress, but know I’ve found a great tool, I just have to be disciplined about using it!

Sample Menu

Meal planning {and cooking} is definitely a struggle for me – I don’t naturally enjoy it, and it’s a task that is far too easy to push to the side and neglect.  It’s much easier to work/school/mother right up until the last minute before meal-time and then fall back on our “let’s-go-out-to-eat” plan.  And my sweet husband has been so gracious to not beat me up over cooking like I should…but I know it’s time to get it in gear.  If for no other reason, when we go out to eat, it’s a huge time suck…we live somewhat out in the country, and most restaurants are 20-30 minutes from our house…so it’s a minimum hour time investment to go out…not to mention that you don’t exactly eat “quickly” with 3 kiddos at the table…and then there’s the whole budget concept…. I loved the approach Edie shared in her menu planning series back in January, and should start working on building a menu calendar {I declare, when I start thinking about what to fix for dinner it’s like my brain goes absolutely blank except for spaghetti! and one can only eat so much spaghetti, right??} – but in the meantime, I picked up a Groupon this past year for the fresh 20 menu planning service.  The weeks we use it, our meals have run more smoothly, we’ve had multiple great new recipes and spent less time and money on food.  My biggest obstacle right now has been planning a set grocery shopping time every week {hello – why is that difficult??}, and we often eat dinner with either my parents or Brad’s or both during the week, and I don’t want us to give that up…but eating at home is definitely a huge time saver for us.

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With the addition of Miss Emma Cate in 2012 and starting kindergarten home school with Walker, I’ve realized more than ever how quickly time slips through our fingers.  And I know unequivocally that I don’t want to take the time I have with these three precious ones for granted or heaven forbid, waste it.  So we’re continuing to slow down…do less and enjoy more…be thankful for all that God has blessed us with and not lust after more, more, more.  We’re joining the revolution of Life. On Purpose!