31 Days to Thrive: Live your BEST Life now

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I turned 37 earlier this year and am the happiest and healthiest {mentally} that I’ve ever been…but it hasn’t always been that way.  I remember a season a few years back, my birthday came and went and I was disheartened to be 30-something and no further along in life.  I’m not talking bigger house, better car, prettier hair…I’m talking ME…who I was inside.  I had always pictured that I would be further along…after all, don’t grown-ups have it all together?  Long talks with the Lord, my dear husband and much introspection led me to realize that I was so busy chasing my to-do list {I’m unfortunately a bit of ahem a major procrastinator}, managing a household with 2 young children underfoot and working to grow a business that I had missed the bigger picture…I was made to glorify God and live my best life now.  It was probably imperceptible at first, but I started making changes…we started making changes together as a family…and it has paid off.

Welcome to the first day of 31 Days to Thrive:  Live your BEST life now

I invite you to join me this month as we look at life together…we were all created as individuals, so no two journeys will be the same, but I beg of you, don’t put it off any longer…endeavor to live your BEST life now!  We’ll look at some of the changes I’ve made and am still making today and ask questions to help you make changes of your own.  YOU are worth it; the hard work along the journey will be worth the payoff in the end!  Let’s journey through our next steps together.

This is day one.

Day2:  Make a List

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