Day 11: Be Flexible


I think one of the greatest characteristics you can possess in life is the ability to be flexible…and no, I’m not talking about doing splits!  When I was in college, I always felt super flexible…very go-with-the-flow and hard to ruffle.  I could adjust and adapt my plans at the drop of a hat without so much as an eye blink.  I had much lower stress and was very content with life.  Somewhere in the last 10-15 years, that has changed.  I DO NOT like MY PLAN to be messed with…that is not at all the girl I used to be and I still sometimes wonder where that came from…  It’s a thought pattern and habit I am trying hard to break.

Situations change and develop around us, especially with the advent of technological connectivity that is EVERYWHERE.  I’m trying hard to have a plan, but to also not be so rigid that I can’t enjoy life if something needs to change.  Like this morning…I’m loading up the car to head to my mom’s house to do school with my oldest.  Our kiddos spent the night there last night with my parents and sister’s family so that we could go to a rehearsal dinner sans kiddos.  My original plan was to pick them up this morning, drive 30 mins home, do school…hang out for a bit, then drive them back to my sister, 30 mins away, and drive 2 hours to the wedding.  Somewhere along the line I realized that was crazy…way too much back and forth, so instead, I’ve packed up school and am getting ready to take it on the road.  It might be a tad inconvenient, but not nearly as inconvenient as an extra hour in the car to make the extra trip.   And thankfully my sister and sweet aunt worked with me to make it all work out.

So I’ll roll with it…and have way less stress and a much better day!  Are you flexible with your plans? or does it drive you crazy when circumstances change around you?  How can you work on adding flexibility into your routine?

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