Day 14: Get Ahead When You Can

Do you constantly feel behind?  As a mom, it’s easy to live in that constant state…I do many days.  I don’t let some of the little things get to me, but I typically have some “big” deadlines looming…some hard dates imposed by others, some goals that I’ve set for myself.  I am the most carefree and relaxed when there aren’t big hairy things up ahead that I dread.

Get Ahead

One thing that I’m learning more and more is to get ahead when and where I can.  It may be as simple as cooking a double batch of grilled chicken at one time, or mixing up a double batch of pancakes & waffles and cooking the 2 simultaneously instead of just standing at the stove flipping pancakes…those make-aheads can pay off big time if you use them wisely.  I made a huge batch of pancakes and waffles a few weeks ago, stuck the majority in the freezer and have portioned them out slowly for the last weeks.  When 2 of our nieces spent the night last week and I had 5 children to tend to, super easy breakfast = no stress…and that’s a win.

My mother-in-law graciously keeps 2 or 3 of our children most every Sunday afternoon – Monday night – I wish it could be a “play” day where I could do anything I wanted without a care in the world…instead we use it as a “work like crazy while the kids aren’t home” day and try to knock out as much work as possible.  One of my primary Back40Life responsibilities is doing proof work – I try my hardest to do the majority of that when the kiddos are away from home on Mondays.  Not only is it easier to concentrate, but I also don’t feel like I’m robbing them of my time when they’re home.  It’s a win-win.  This week the 2 oldest kiddos are on vacation with my in-laws…so it will be a heavy work week, but then I’ll have lots {hopefully} crossed off my list when they get home, and we can be ready to school and play together.

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Walker turned 7 in September, and I did the best job I’ve ever done at breaking the work down to get ready for his party the entire week before, instead of stressing myself out the day before and day of {what typically happens} – such a better way to go, and one I hope I can keep up in the future!

It’s not always possible, so don’t stress yourself out when it isn’t, but it definitely pays off to get ahead when you can.  I am trying to continually orient my life away from procrastination {my natural bent} towards planning ahead and getting ahead whenever possible.  I am still a work in progress, but when I succeed, the payoff is great and encourages me to keep working at it!

Where in your life is it easy to get ahead?  What’s a more challenging area for you?

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