Day 16: Where’s your Worship

When I started thinking about this topic, my brain said…this is a Sunday post…it’s about Worship, but then I realized, that’s exactly the problem.  Far too often we want to sequester God to Sundays…show up at church, check “worship” off the list and get on with another week, filled with our priorities, plans and program.  I challenge you today to think about true worship {the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity}.  What other things compete in your life with worship of the one true God…the Lord Jesus Christ? Are there other things that you adore more than Christ?  Around what is your world centered?  Do you think of God throughout your day and week? or only schedules, little league sports teams, blog posts, dinner, decorating the house?  Where does your checkbook/bank statement say your heart is?  Have you replaced {perhaps inadvertently} the Lord with things of this world that don’t matter in light of eternity?  Take time today to evaluate.



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