Day 18: Slow Down

Slow Down…I know…easy words to say, difficult advice to heed.  As we head into the weekend, find some time to slow down and think about your life.  Where are you now, where are you going, where do you want to be?  It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the moment that we miss life happening right around us.  This weekend, if only for a few minutes, slow down and think through your schedule.  Does it leave you feeling run ragged and pulled in too many directions?  At the end of the day, do you feel like little more than a taxi service?  We all go through seasons of life where there is more to be done than hours in the day – it’s unavoidable, and you just have to persevere on and get to the other side…but we can also allow ourselves to let a season of “too much” morph into a lifestyle of too much…and that isn’t a good thing.  If you feel like you’re constantly on a merry-go-round and can never get off, it’s time to catch your breath and reevaluate. Getting ready to live

Maybe there are things that you need to step back from and remove right now for the overall good of your family…maybe you need to say no to some of the little league sports opportunities that come your child’s way either this season or next…I don’t know exactly what “fits” and works for your family…only you can decide what’s right.  I have a weekly commitment that I’m struggling with right now…is it the right decision for our family?  There are pros and cons and I waffle back and forth…but I’m not carrying on with business as usual and no second thoughts.  I am continuing to question and ask the Lord if it is the right thing for us right now…and when I get clear direction, I will obey.  I heard a long time ago, and have never forgotten…if satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.  Slow down and take a breather and enjoy the life that’s happening right under your nose!  Slowing down isn’t always an overnight process, but you can at least begin to take the steps to get you there…and I promise, it’s worth it!

satan busy

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