Day 21: Embrace who God created you to be

Don’t we all have a few people in blog world whom we envy…people we’d LOVE to trade places with in a heartbeat…or wish our blog, business, life, you name it could be just like theirs?  Stop wasting your time!  Most of the time, we don’t know the full picture of their life…we see the pretty shots, the blog-worth events and photos…we don’t see all the nitty-gritty of real life, and it allows us to glamorize their existence.  It’s easy to live thinking…if only I could be like….or if my house could look like theirs…STOP.  Living focused on someone else’s life cheats you and your family from the life you’ve been given.  If God had wanted two of that person, He would have made two.  Instead He created you as a wonderful and perfectly unique individual.  He wants you to be YOU – you’re not a mistake!  There’s nothing wrong with catching glimpses into someone else’s life and working to make positive changes in yours that you see in them…but don’t try to turn into them.  Ask the Lord who He wants you to be and become that person.  Be you, be real and glorify your creator!

Time is limited

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