Day 23: Be Selective with your Influences

Influence…it’s a powerful thing…and we both have it and receive it.  It’s something easy to overlook and never give thought to, but it’s a very powerful tool when used wisely.  Companies spend billions of dollars influencing us through advertising…and it’s getting slicker and slicker {product placement anyone?}  Advertising in and of itself isn’t bad, we just need to be aware that it’s going on and really think our spending decisions through…not just fall for pretty marketing.  But beyond advertising, influence is everywhere…Will and Grace helped change the way our country viewed homosexuality…90210 and Melrose Place made casual sexual relationships look normal…countless other TV shows denigrate fatherhood and make men look weak.  Romance novels and movies give women false ideas for romance and relationship.  And let’s not forget music – the music I hear is played back as the soundtrack in my head throughout the day and week…and as my children get older, I begin to hear them singing it more and more in the car and around us.  It makes me think twice about music.  I want them  {and me} to hear positive, uplifting thoughts in the music we listen to…not whatever old garbage happens to sound catchy and fun…and let’s face it, there’s lots of garbage on the radio!  I don’t always succeed here, as some days I do just want to listen to the radio and tune out, but I know that what we fill our heads with does impact us…so I try to be more and more conscious about those decisions.

Influence is everywhere…keep your eyes wide open and sift everything through the Word of God.  We don’t watch a lot of TV, but 95% of what we do is run through our DVR…good-bye commercials…and I don’t miss them one bit!  Pay attention to who and what is trying to persuade you to think in their way, and then see how it measures up against the standard of the Lord.

blessed influence

As I thought through my day yesterday, and how I handled a stressful moment of trying to get kiddos out the door quickly and my daughter falling and skinning her knee simultaneously, I thought about another kind of influence.  My influence with and on my family.  I have the ability to set the tone for good or bad in our family…and that is a powerful responsibility.  We all know the saying “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  I want to be the kind of woman and mother that influences my children for good…one that my girls want to emulate and replicate one day…one who set a positive tone and course for our family regardless of my mood or feelings in the moment.

overflow of the heart

I’m harsh with my children more than I would like…it’s not something I’m proud of and an area I’m working on and trying to grow through…this verse comes to mind when I don’t behave as patiently as I would like.  I want my overflow to be loving and kind…there’s definitely still work to do!  I’m grateful for a loving Father who allows me to start fresh every morning.

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