Day 28: What’s Your Next Step?

One of the things that I LOVE about our church is that they constantly talk about and encourage us to take our next steps.  For some people that is accepting Christ, or being obedient in baptism…for others it’s forgiving someone who wronged them or changing their behavior to become more like Christ.  I leave church more often than not with my toes stepped on and feeling challenged to make changes in my life…and I’m grateful for that.  I want to continue to grow and draw closer to God.  A big part of helping me get to a place where I’m thriving in my life is to constantly be thinking through and working on taking my next step.  Several months ago I wrote on my card from church:

next step

and it’s a goal I’m still working through and towards…but progress has been made and that’s a good thing.  The thing is, as long as God has us here, He has a plan for our lives…it’s up to us to find it and follow through.  I hope you’ll find time to listen to or watch the “NEXT?!” sermon, but if you don’t, here’s the recap in 10 tweets:


  1. No matter how long we have been following Jesus, every one of us has a next step to take in our walk with Christ. #Next
  2. The first 2 steps are the same for every follower of Christ: salvation followed by baptism. #NewSpring
  3. One of the greatest things God can do for us is reveal more of Himself to us. If we see God more clearly, we will follow him more closely.
  4. It is insanity to believe everyone around you will understand your next step. #NewSpring
  5. With no recognition of God, there is no submission to God. We have to ask 2 questions, “Who are you Lord” and “What shall I do Lord?” #Next
  6. God has never called anyone to be passive, lazy, or apathetic. He is always calling people to action. #Next
  7. Why would God trust us with what is next if we won’t do what is now? #Next
  8. Baptism in the Bible is by immersion, after salvation. If you have met Christ and haven’t been baptized since, that is your next step.  #Next
  9. Procrastination is assassination on the amazing future God has planned for you. #NewSpring
  10. Until you take your next step, you will be stuck in your walk with Christ. What is your next step? What are you waiting for? #NewSpring

What’s your next step?

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