Day 30: Find a Church You Love


We are privileged to be part of a church that we absolutely LOVE…it’s not perfect, because no church is, but we look forward to being there and volunteering every Sunday and hearing God’s Word.  Stop and take inventory…are you in a church that preaches the Gospel? and challenges you to grow in your walk with Christ?  If not…it’s time for a change!  It’s easy to get stuck in a church that you’ve always been in, or is comfortable or familiar…don’t take the easy way out.  Search out a church that is growing and will lead you to grow too.

Our church is a big church…some say too big…but I disagree…I want there to be as many people in heaven as possible!  One of the phrases NewSpring talks about a lot is

number has a name

every number has a name * every name has a story * every story matters to God!  and that is SO true!  If you’re not in a church that is growing and pursuing the heart of Christ and challenging you to do the same…don’t be afraid to make a change!  We weren’t looking for a new church when we stumbled upon NewSpring about 6 years ago…but after 1 service, we knew that was where we were meant to be.  If you’re in SC, there is likely a NewSpring campus near you – you can also find services LIVE online on Sundays at 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am, 5:00pm and 6:30pm Eastern – services are also added to the website on Tuesdays.  Bottom line – find a church that challenges you to be more like Christ…your life {and those around you} will be better for it!

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