Thrive Day 2: Make a List

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In order to plan where you’re going, a great first step is to take stock of where you are now.  Make a list – not in your head, either on paper, or somewhere online – I’m a big fan of Evernote.  Look at where you are…what are the successful parts of your life?…what is a work in progress?…what needs some serious attention?…what needs just a little tweaking?

I realized that I had:

  • a Savior who loves me and died for me
  • my best friend for my husband and a great marriage
  • wonderful children
  • a close-knit extended family that I cherish and enjoy spending time with
  • a paid for home that I love, even if it isn’t decorated perfectly

I realized that I needed to work on:

  • spending more consistent time reading my Bible and talking to God, growing that relationship
  • spending intentional time building into my relationship with Brad and not just talking about business all the time
  • spending intentional time playing with my kids and not just working over and around them
  • turning the business “off” at night and on the weekends
  • personal growth & self-improvement
  • being more organized, both personally and in our home
  • not over-committing and keeping my word when I agreed to do something or gave someone an expected timeline
  • dealing with clutter
  • procrastinating
  • forgetfulness and losing track of what was going on around me
  • cooking @ home

It’s easy when you make a list like this to ignore all of your positive qualities and only focus on the negatives…DON’T do that!  Celebrate your successes!  Don’t overlook the things that you’re good at and only focus on your negatives.  Instead, highlight the things you do well and then form a plan of attack to change the things you don’t like…but I’m getting ahead of myself…we’ll do that as we journey together this month.

So now it’s your turn…will you make your list?  What areas of your life are calling out for positive change?

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