Thrive Day 3: Get alone with God

When I was in college, and had complete autonomy over my day, I never had any trouble having my daily Quiet Time – the time of day changed from year to year, depending on my schedule, course load, etc…but I always had it…always.  Once I was married and my schedule changed, I wasn’t always so consistent, but my biggest challenge with a Quiet Time definitely came after becoming a mom…there have been times when I’ve really struggled with a daily Quiet Time…the day-in and day-out sitting down with my Bible and the Lord and just being still and soaking in His presence.  I KNOW the importance of it with every ounce of my being, but taking that head knowledge and turning it into reality just hasn’t always happened.  I’ve tried various methods, studies, you name it over the years and little has stuck for long periods of time.  I’ve had good prayer time over the years…talking to God during and throughout my day has always stuck, but daily Bible reading has really suffered at times.


Enter YouVersion – I’ve used their program for years now and really like it.  I’ve used it on the computer, we have their app on our phone and tablet – super handy!  Back at the beginning of 2013, I stumbled upon the She Reads Truth community, and somehow in doing so, I realized that I could read a YouVersion Bible plan on my tablet and check each day off as my progress was completed.  For this list-loving girl, it has been fabulous accountability.  I don’t have to remember where I am, if I’ve read already that day or anything else.  If I do miss a day, it’s easy to see where I left off, pick back up and get back on track.  I can click into the Bible app, and it’s right there for me.  My consistency has gone up tremendously and I love it. 

I can tell when I get to the end of my day and haven’t read my Bible or spent time with the Lord – it’s not pretty.  When I do make my QT a priority, I am a more attentive wife, caring mother, exhibit much more patience and am a lot more fun to be around.  That’s a win for my family and me.  If you’re struggling in your Quiet Time, I highly recommend giving the YouVersion app (or desktop site) a try… it has truly made a huge difference in my life!

Spending consistent time with God helps keep me grounded, gives me hope and encouragement and definitely contributes to my BEST life right now.  More than anyone else, Jesus wants the best for me, so spending time with Him is never time wasted.

How about you…does time alone with the Lord come naturally to you? or are you in a season where you’re fighting to make that a priority?  Don’t know Jesus?  I hope you’ll come back tomorrow…we’ll talk more about that too!

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