Thrive Day 7: Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations {for yourself}

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It doesn’t take more than a cursory look at the archives to see that I’m not a super consistent blogger…sure, I would like to be, but at this stage in my life, it hasn’t been a major priority.  I tried doing Nester’s 31 day series a couple of years back, and there was just too much on my plate and I didn’t make it.  I gave it lots of thought this year, debated back and forth and finally decided to jump in.  My hope is that writing consistently during the month of October will help me get it back in gear to post a little more regularly…I would so love to do a better job documenting our lives and the growth of our business…hopefully to encourage others, but also so that our kids can one day look back and see their childhood and our lives through a different lens.  So my goal setting out was to post 31 days in October, knowing that probably wasn’t realistic…and I’m OK with that.  The truth is, if I post 20 days in October, that is a huge step forward for me as a blogger and in posting consistently…and that is a good thing.

Somewhere along the lines I think our society has told us that we need to set big goals…and then if we don’t meet them, we’re a failure and need to beat ourselves up.  I think far too often we have really high expectations for ourselves and then end up killing ourselves, relationships, etc. trying to meet them.  I think a much better path is to have realistic expectations…and then evaluate as the circumstances shift.  We had a big family reunion on Saturday and spent the bulk of the day getting food ready, hanging out with family we don’t get to see often and then taking our kids to see their other was a great day.  I could have spent time late Saturday night getting a blog post up just for the sake of posting on day 5…but reality is that wasn’t contributing to my BEST life…snuggling with my husband, watching a ballgame and winding down was.  I chose not to post.

Please hear me out…I’m not saying goals are bad, or that we should blow off commitments with no thought to the consequences…what I’m saying is that we oftentimes impose meaningless expectations on ourselves…that have no real value in our overall lives.  We allow ourselves to believe that because the expectation was set, it must be met, regardless of changes in circumstances or ourselves.  Don’t be so hard on yourself…you most likely wouldn’t hold someone standing next to you to that same standard.

Feel the freedom to give yourself some grace. 

Where do you need to evaluate your own unrealistic expectations?

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