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I love the idea of a handmade holiday so much, but reality is some years I am more successful than others!  Our business really heats up in November and December, with orders coming in for Christmas, so oftentimes my time is really limited.  Over the past few years, I've tried hard to make it a priority to sew Christmas jammies for the kids, which I've really enjoyed.

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This year when Tami told us she was releasing a doll sized LDT, I knew I had to make one for my sweet Emma Cate...you see, her older sister has had an American Girl doll for the last couple of years, and unbeknownst to her, she is getting one from her grandmother for Christmas.  I knew it was time for some Christmas-mischief!


I let my sweet girl pick out a fabric she liked from my stash, and knew I had a solid pink that would match.  I whipped up the doll LDT in no time at all (such a quick, cute sew!) while she was otherwise occupied last weekend.  Then I started working on her dress, the Lil LDT.  This dress has so many cute options...I can't wait to make several more!  I wasn't quite sure if I would let her in on what I was doing, but I wasn't as sneaky as I thought and she spotted Isabelle sporting her new dress.  Bless her sweet heart...she never once got upset that her older sister's doll got a new dress, or that she doesn't have a matching doll...she was so excited at how pretty Isabelle was in her new duds!  Her sweet heart is so precious to me!

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She was so excited when I told her it was time to take pictures of her dress (life of a pattern tester's kid!) and asked if Isabelle could be in the pictures too...why yes my dear...I think we can arrange that!  ;) She still has no idea that this dress is destined for her very own doll...she just has to wait a little bit longer.  I can't wait for her surprise!

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