A New Sew - New Horizons Lisse Cowl

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While I came a long way in my sewing journey during 2017, I want to continue to stretch and learn new things in 2018 as well!  I received a coverstitch from my sweet husband for my birthday last year, and use it primarily for hemming (cue angels singing!!) - but decided it was time to try and step it up, and use the reverse coverstitch function a little more often.  Reverse coverstitch is when you stitch with the "wrong" side of your project facing up, so the double (or triple) line of stitches ends up on the inside of your project, and the decorative stitching ends up on the "right" side of your project.

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The New Horizons Lisse Cowl and Hoodie was the perfect project to practice my reverse coverstitching with - only the second time I've used it on a garment!  I followed the pattern as written until it was time to hem the bottom portion...then I flipped it over, and did my coverstitching from the "wrong" side, so the decorative stitch is seen on the outside of the garment.  I also echoed that stitching when hemming the cowl (there is also the option to line the cowl, but I skipped that this time around as my fabric is double-sided).  I also added a bit of decorative top-stitching when I attached the "skirt" to the bodice.  I thought it added a little extra pop and I love it!

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I've sewn several patterns with grommets, but as I'm not much of a fan of drawstrings, I usually leave them out.  I thought the grommets would add a nice decorative element to the top, so I gave them a go.  I used my ancient scrapbooking cropadile, and while they're not 100% perfect, I was really tickled with them for my first try!  We probably won't add a drawstring, but I like the extra visual interest the grommets add at the neck.  Unfortunately we didn't end up with any great pics when we were outside, and it was so freezing cold (unusual for SC) that I didn't have the heart to make her go back out...so a sewing room shot will have to do ;)

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I felt really fortunate to find this lovely double-knit, almost quilted fabric at Walmart for $2/yard!  I used baby brushed french terry for the sleeves and double brushed poly from Simply Ti for the cuffs.  I love how the black arms break it up and keep the busy fabric from being too much!

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In short, we love this pattern!  I love that it's available for both ladies and girls.  It has both a hood and cowl option...I used the cowl for my middle girlie, but my oldest girlie would definitely prefer a hood...so nice that I get both options together!  I also love that it gave adequate bootie coverage with no adjusting...so great for my girlies who live in leggings!  I have no doubt that we will sew this time and again!

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