The Juniper Cardigan

Juniper 9.jpg

I recently had the opportunity to sew up and review the Jennifer Lauren Juniper Cardigan.  While I've sewn a good bit for myself in the past year, I haven't done a great job of having a plan...more recently I've been trying to identify holes and work on filling them.  Last spring I sewed up a lovely Vermont cardigan out of a slinky was great to use throughout the summer when I needed a light layer indoors, but doesn't really provide any real warmth.  The Juniper seemed like a great opportunity to add a warmer layer to my wardrobe.  


The pattern has a long-line cardigan with two buttons at the top or a cropped version with buttons down the front.  There are both 3/4 and full length sleeves.

Juniper 11.jpg

One of the unique features of the Juniper is the saddle shoulder detail.  This was my first time sewing anything in this style, but the pattern made it extremely straightforward.  There is a posted sewalong for the pattern, which I anticipated using along the way, but the pattern was so well-written and thorough, that I never felt the need to pull it up. 

2018-02-24 10.17.16.jpg

My only complaint about the pattern is that it doesn't utilize the Layers function of you can see from the photo above, there is a lot going on, especially around the shoulder lines.  I would have preferred to only print my size and thus *know* that I was cutting my size.  I was a bit nervous when I cut the pattern out, but ultimately felt fairly confident that I was on track, and it went together perfectly, further confirming that.  I did miss marking several notches due to all the sizes overlapping - if you sew this pattern, I highly recommend circling all the notches in a bright color that pertain to your size before you start cutting your fabric.  I went back and added the ones I missed mid-sew, which wasn't the easiest thing, but they all matched up...great news!

Juniper 2.jpg
Juniper 6.jpg

I found a beautiful gray sweater knit at Walmart a little while back and love both sides, so I knew it would be perfect for this project.  I wasn't quite sure that it had the required stretch for the neckband piece, and didn't want to take the time to find out, so I opted to use black dbp for the neckband.  I used it on a facing with this same gray previously and loved the contrast, so I knew I would like it in this application where it remains exposed.  I would definitely recommend this pattern - the saddle details push it into the intermediate category, but I think an adventurous beginner could also sew it with attention to detail and the fabulous instructions.  I love the versatility of this cardigan and know it will be a great addition to my wardrobe!  

This pattern was received free of charge in exchange for my sewing and reviewing the Juniper Cardigan.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way by the pattern maker.