Marbella Tanks for Summer

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Open back tops and bralettes have been in style for awhile now, but have never been an option for me as I don't feel comfortable not wearing a real bra.  When New Horizons released the Marbella tank earlier this year, I got so excited!  In addition to a regular tank, there are three different lace back options!  Definitely more workable with a regular bra!!


I knew it would be the perfect pattern for this summer!  I decided to start with a regular tank to check fit before jumping into one of the alternate back options.  The pattern finishes the edges by having you turn the neckline and armscyes under 3/8" and topstitching.  The tank with unfinished edges gave me a strap width I really I knew if I followed the instructions I would end up with a skinnier strap than I prefer.  To combat that, I decided to add a neck and armbands.  I measured my edges, and multiplied by 85% to get the length of each band.  I did a little math and decided to start with a 1.5" wide strip and that gave me a strap width I was happy with once bands were added to both sides.

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While adding bands took a little more work than just turning the edges under and topstitching, it resulted in a tank I'm really happy with and can replicate easily, so I was really excited.  Now it was time to move on to one of the fancier back versions.  I really had *every* intention of using lace...but in the meantime I'd ended up with a really small piece of a gorgeous floral that I couldn't stop thinking about.  I *wanted* to make something for me with it...but I only had 12"...not a lot of options.  And then it came to me - Marbella is the *perfect* place to showcase a small piece of special fabric...lace or not!!  I found a ribbed tank I bought years ago at WM to upcycle, and my pieces fit perfectly!

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And I'm so tickled with how it came out!  The lace pattern pieces instruct you to place them 1/4" off the edge of the lace on certain sides, so I added roughly 3/8" to that edge so I could turn the edge under and topstitch to finish that side.  I used FOE on the armholes (another option in the pattern, which doesn't result in strap width being reduced).  My armholes stretched out slightly during application (possibly because of the main rib fabric), so I decided to use a band again on the neck instead of FOE there...I didn't want to mess up my pretty fabric ;)  And I'm totally in love with the result! 

I'm sure I'll get around to using lace eventually for Marbella....but for now, I'm completely delighted to be adding 2 pieces to my summer wardrobe that are both cute and provide great coverage!  As with most New Horizons patterns, Marbella comes in sizes XX-small to 26.  If you haven't tried it yet...what are you waiting for??

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