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Paint and Stain Colors

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Vinyl colors

Our vinyl has a matte finish giving your design the appearance of having been painted.  It has a removable adhesive allowing it to be removed from walls, floors, and other painted surfaces without damaging the surface, making it great for events and rentals. 

We will gladly provide you with a color or test sample to try on your surface if you’re concerned.  Although the adhesive is removable, it is very strong and allows for application to a wide variety of surfaces. 

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Stick Figure Family Options

Here’s a look at the stick people options for any of our products that use them.  After you select your options we can email you a proof before we make your new family.  Be sure to include the following info:

  • Person’s name, age, and sex
  • Face
  • Body
  • any other elements or goodies you’d like to include

Download the catalog.

How to Install a Vinyl Decal

For a set of printable instructions, click here.

We do recommend taking a look this handy video we created to show you what to expect and how to install your decal.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Add embossed name


Once you have ordered your growth chart ruler and embossed name plate bundle from Amazon follow a few simple instructions to apply the personalized name plate to your chart.

Haven't ordered a bundle?  Grab one here.

Order your FREE name for your chart here.